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and thank you for visiting Schonewald Engineering Associates, Inc.’s (SchonewaldEA’s) website. We are pleased to offer you over 25 years of consulting geo-engineering experience and we pride ourselves in responsiveness and customer service.

Areas of Specialization:

Geotechnical Engineering, including subsurface investigations; geotechnical analyses and documents supporting design and construction; geotechnical design; soft soil issues (e.g., stability, settlement); soil improvement design; instrumentation.


Construction Support, including bid document preparation, contractor submittal reviews, quality control/quality assurance services, resident construction management, construction oversight, 3rd party inspections.


Solid Waste Engineering, including design, permitting, and construction support; operations support; earthwork design and analyses; geosynthetic design and analyses.


Environmental Permitting/ Erosion and Sedimentation Control (E&SC)/ Stormwater, including stormwater management system design; stormwater management permits; construction-phase E&SC plans; inspection and maintenance plans.